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"Hindilish" & "Hinglish"

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 21:31
In a message dated 2000/05/10 09:08:48 PM, Lijesh wrote:

>... but to south Indians like me, they speak in English (even though many of
them >speak English really badly), It's automatic. And as far as government support
>goes, officially, Hindi is supposed to replace English one day. But most >southerners wouldn't stand for it. So things will probably remain as they >are.
My cousin, she married a Calcutta doctor, she says that there is - in her opinion - "Hindilish" (the badly spoken mangled English you refer to) & then there is "Hinglish" - a very ornately embellished Indianized English, usually found in the language of the most highly literate and educated classes (castes?). One can almost hear the speakers/writers of this mutant English translating from their mothertongue(s). This ofttimes poetically ravishing variety of Indianized English is most highly amusing to some, but humbly I think it has immense creative potentials . There is a most definite noticable stylistic love of adjective chains and adverbals [in fact, I have written this much in the manner my cousin now speaks & writes]. There is a most definite possible future in which Hinglish will be so markedly different from American and British Englishes. And that shimmeringly intriguing future is not as far distant away as it seems at first cursory touristic glance. vive diversa! mutatis mutandi to da max... zHANg