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TRANS: common expressions.

From:Carlos Thompson <carlos_thompson@...>
Date:Monday, October 25, 1999, 14:42
In another list the following phrases where asked for translation.  I think
it makes a good tranlation exercice in this list.

I'll be working in my conlangs a little, I'm sure they will give a good
perspective on how this idioms and common expressions work.

-- Carlos Th

The list:

same to you
sincerely yours
Who cares?
Cheer up!
As far as I know...
By the way...
By all means...
It's no use.
a babe.
She goes on and on.
Up until now...
Just for fun.
I can't help it.
He's nuts.
What's up?
neat! (as in great!)
Consider it done.
My dream came true.
Let's face it...
He's full of shit!
What a shame.
Keep it to yourself.
Her days are numbered.
So what's the point?
That's beyond me.
in the nick of time.
You should have known better.
I'm losing my temper!
Do you get it? (understand)
Give me a call.
I'm staying put.
Learn it by heart.
He's driving me nuts.
Just imagine.
That goes without saying.
She is my pride and joy.
You hit the jackpot.
exchange rate
I haven't got a clue.
Keep your chin up.
You get on my nerves.
It's a matter of time.
Get lost.
Let's make the best of it.
Look out.
Make up your mind.
On the other hand..
What's the matter with you?
We barely made it.
Eat shit and shut up.
That's a different case altogether.
Don't judge a book by its cover.
If I'm not mistaken.
Keep in touch.
Shame on you.
Just a moment.
I'm as happy as can be.
I see.
I know exactly what you're talking about.
see you later
sleep soundly
close enough.
Who in the world are you?
Nice to meet you
See you later
Send it to me.
Is that really true?
Where do you come from?
Where are you from?
I am from..
Could you speak more slowly please?
How far away is it?
Show me.
Show them to me.
I like that.
I don't like that.
I am lost.
There has been an accident.
Could you help me please?
How do I get to..?
Where is the hospital?
Where is a telephone?
Where is the bathroom?
Where can I exchange money?
I will stay with you.
I am sick
Hi, what's going on?
Who sent you?
keep away from
that is to say.
at last
go to bed
get up, get out of bed.
care about
did it work?
Are you finished?
Is everything in good order?
Please tell me.
everything is allright
Merry Christmas and happy new year
What is that supposed to do?
Who should I talk to?
Gee, thanks a lot.
Cut it out (stop that)!
I'm beat
I'm wiped out.
I'm exhausted.
The coast is clear
It is safe to go on.
I risked my neck for you!
I put myself in a dangerous situation for you
I was just thinking about you