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Re: Furrin phones in my own lect! (YAGPT warning!)

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Monday, March 27, 2006, 14:02

Philip Newton <philip.newton@...> writes:
>... > > Since _ein_ is a stem, I think your rule holds, except > > that it should be "stem-initial and word initial": > > surely a prefix like _un-_ is pronounced [?un]! > > Though not all native speakers "obey" this rule -- case in point is > the pronunciation of "erinnern", which is [?E6'?In6n] for me but > [?E'RIn6n] for some (which sounds wrong to me).
Sounds wrong for me, too, but you're right: it's definitely used. Probably an exceptional word.
> BTW, I used to think that the vocalised /r/ was [a], not [6], until I > met an American who apparently pronounced [a] in such cases, and it > sounded distinctly odd -- the vowel sound was simply wrong. > > Since them, I've become convinced that [6] is a separate phone from > [a] in German.
Definitely. Of course, /@/ vs. /6/ vs. /a/ is a mean phonemic contrast for foreign learners (Skolt Sami people probably have no problems with this, though). Hmm, let's see: Ballast /'balast/ (though this may be /ba'last/ for some) vs. (du) ballerst /'bal6st/ **Henrik -- Relay 13 is online:


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