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Re: Vocab exercise, year 2, #1

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Saturday, November 2, 2002, 5:36
Better late than never dept. (Kash):

>Theme: topicalization (make the vocab word the topic or focus of the >utterance). > >1. crowd >There was a huge crowd in front of the building.
yale pangaçu raka-raka ri kandini areyal there-is crowd big-big LOC front-its temple
>2. lead >She led her dog into the field.
yasaren lopani ri andeleye 3s-lead lopa-his/her/the LOC field-dat.
>Her dog was on a lead.
yawumit lopayeni acitaren 3s-use lopa(dat.)-his/her "leash" (acim 'cord', saren 'lead')
>The pipes are made of lead.
eçuç niç, (i)mepu kerekorem pipe-pl these, (they-)make lead (idiomatic, to be translated "...are made of lead")
> >3. ready...haram >He's ready to go now
yaharam (ya)cosa tayanju 3s-is-prepared (3s)-go now
> >4. slow....fanan >Snails are slow.
purapo yafanan (an animal) is/are-slow
>He runs slowly, and I bet he won't win the race.
yamani yafanan, çañukmi, ne cakenda run(ning)-his it-is-slow, guess-my, him(dat.) trounced. (Well, close, anyway)
> >5. rent >I have to pay rent on the 5th of every month.
macayi (ma)hanga [rent]-ni lero nim açuçurak I-must (I-)pay [rent]-its day 5 every-month (irreg.redup. of açurak) (Sorry, not in a word-discovery mood just now)
> >6. popularity >This was just a popularity contest.
tayu, napo ambunuk liri lisa-lisañi (< lisa-lisam-ni) this, just contest concerning favorite-of it
> > >7. -ion >two parts here: first, how are verbal nouns formed? > act > action, mepu > ambepu (añ-mepu)
move > motion, koram > angoram (añ-koram) see > vision tikas > andikas (sense of vision) (añ-tikas)
>second, the sentence: > His action was hasty.
ambepuni (ya)cakaniçur 'his action was rash'--- more colloq: mepuni, cakaniçur but that could also mean, 'his work was hasty/slapdash'
> >8. addition >Even the addition of an extra student increased class sizes beyond >tolerable limits.
kamu andanotni mesa kandelañ lavi supat yarundavi andrakani........ even addition-its one student more too-much it-increased size-its..[class beyond tolerable limits] ......
> >9. hat >Today is a say-something hat day!
letrayu milimbe payo cacandok! today we-wear cape gaudy. (As close as we can get. Kash don't wear hats)
> >10.'s getting late........ sorry.