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Vocab exercise, year 2, #1

From:Aidan Grey <grey@...>
Date:Friday, October 18, 2002, 20:50
   Hey all,

   Since people want it to continue, here we go. I'll still provide
sentences for context.

   The goal here is to get through Longman's dictionary of 2197+ words,
which should be a good base for anyone. I'll do 10 words, 10 sentences, and
provide a theme grammatical structure each time. I will try to account for
obvious multiple meanings, and also make an effort to provide sentences
that reflect normal or newspaper speech, and not weird exercise language
(if you understand what I'm getting at).

   So, here we go:

Theme: topicalization (make the vocab word the topic or focus of the

1. crowd
There was a huge crowd in front of the building.
2. lead
She led her dog into the field.
Her dog was on a lead.
The pipes are made of lead.

3. ready
He's ready to go now.

4. slow
Snails are slow.
He runs slowly, and I bet he won't win the race.

5. rent
I have to pay rent on the 5th of every month.

6. popularity
This was just a popularity contest.

7. -ion
two parts here: first, how are verbal nouns formed?
   act > action, move > motion, see > vision.
second, the sentence:
   His action was hasty.

8. addition
Even the addition of an extra student increased class sizes beyond
tolerable limits.

9. hat
Today is a say-something hat day!

10. pack
I need to pack for my trip.
The pack she wore on the trip was way too heavy.



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