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Re: More graded sentences for analysis

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Sunday, June 18, 2006, 22:42
Garry Shannon wrote;
> I've just added the next 269 graded English sentences > to the conlang resources section of my web page > >
That plus the previous batch makes 454 sentences so far. And more to come. Yipes! Suggestion for those who have a lot of time on their hands :-)))-- Translate 10 (or maybe 20 if they're simple) per week. At the rate of 10 per week, that would keep us busy for the better part of the next year. Here's my first contribution from the Kash (some just sound better as VS, others sound better with definite markers-- I think that has to do with animate/human or possessibility?): 1. Birds sing. ilali tukrimila. VS 2. Children play. ipanip (OR ipani-panip) anala VS 3. Dogs bark. (analogues--large lizards) icacak avanala (OR nicumbokila) VS 4. Bees hum. iñumuñ kekevula VS If the above are generic statements, they could be in the singular: yalali tukrim, yacacak avana/nicumbok, yañumuñ kekevu. But yapanip ana sounds odd-- wonder why? 5. Baby laughed. yakunda(sa) veve(ni) (OR meme(ni) VS (-sa 'past' is always optional in non-formal speech.) 6. The sun shines. yahunjañ e lero (OR leroni) VS 7. The wind blows. yamiri e yanga (OR yangani) VS 8. The car started. ñakini yaçukoça(sa) SV (new inchoative of koça 'function') 9. School began again. yakasi(sa) cis lakoñi V-adv-S lakon+ni 10. The child ran quickly. ana ya (or anani) yahuluñ(sa) yayama (OR yayama yahuluñ OR yahuluñ yamani) SV 11. Yellow daffodils nodded gaily. aveç çumo 'flower+pl yellow' ..... no vocab for the rest, sorry 12. Little Marigold cried bitterly. marikonji cakret leñañani 'Marikol+dim. overcome-bitter weep-her' 13. All the people shouted. iyambren(sa) kaçila yunoni VS 14. I recited twice. marunjura(sa) ro anju (base cura 'narrate, tell') 15. The weary traveler slept soundly. kacevaye pori ya, cakaçiru Topic-comment or SV 16. The little brook flows swiftly. vombrici yu, yahuluñ ruwini Top/Com vombrik 'stream'+dim. OR .... huluñ yaruwi OR yaruwi hulukuluñ SV 17. Softly the great white snowflakes fell. hambiciç nifa raka ipondambondam(sa) (kromonje) (taciturnly) SV (OR ..kromonje pondañi 'taciturn their-falling') 18. The kind old man laughed pleasantly. otemarok re hañuvowas yakunda(sa) yapasam 'he laughed he/it was pleasant' SV 19. The happy days passed quickly. leroçni leñ, yahuluñ(sa) valiñi Top/Com ('good days'; 'it was quick their-passing' OR cosani 'their going') (OR SV ...ivalin/icosa (-sa) hulukuluñ) 20. Up jumped the smallest boy. cakanecu andi ya camimik (irreg. superlative of mimik) VS Rather than gloss everything at great length, I urge loyal readers to consult