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Reverse translation challenge

From:Larry Sulky <larrysulky@...>
Date:Sunday, June 18, 2006, 16:58
Here's a lullaby:

mohe hua, mohe hua.
tue nau'texi mata siu teo nia.
kuai mama fia tue tenu tue nia.
sai'tai'kua mohe hua.

This language is known to be a creole, taking much (though not
necessarily all) of its main lexical vocabulary from Romance and
Polynesian languages. It's SVO, mostly isolating except for prefixes,
and makes heavy use of particles.

Anyone care to have a go at translating it into English? Or is this
kind of challenge off base here (if so, I apologise)?


P.S. There is a place where more hints can be found.