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Re: THEORY: Temporal Auxiliaries, Aspectual Auxiliaries, Modal Auxiliaries

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Date:Tuesday, July 5, 2005, 21:24
Tom Chappell wrote:

>[QUESTIONS ABOUT THE WHOLE POST IN GENERAL] >10) Are there NatLangs with Auxiliaries that are Temporal and Aspectual and >Modal? >
In French: J'aurais mangé = I'd have eaten The auxiliary "avoir" caries Past Tense, Perfective Aspect, and Conditionnal Mode But this is the only only one I can think of since the other French examples I know carry only 2 of them with the third represented by a zero marking, like "J'aurai mangé" = "I'll have eaten" that carries future tense and perfect aspect and in which the indicative mood is implied but not marked - Max


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