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Re: Arabic transliteration

From:P. M. Arktayg <pmva@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 13, 2002, 23:25
Isaac A. Penzev ta nugatu-r:


> Is there any ASCII-friendly scheme for ***transliterating*** Ar-script (NOT > a transcription!!! -- I know X-SAMPA!), or should I introduce my own one?
This is not a fully transliteration but I am using following scheme: 1) script not vocalised ? b t t_ g< h. h_ d d_ r z s s< s. d. t. z. ' g- f q k l m n h w y 2) script vocalised ?alifun not transliterated hamzah" ? "supports" of hamzah" not transliterated ta:?un marbu:tah" h" short vowels a i u long vowels a: i: u: diphthongs aw ay nunation an in un ?alifun maqsurah" a` maddah" ~ suku:nun not transliterated s<addah" doubling of consonant was.lah" < after vowel def. state prefix ?al (no dash!) with assimilation ?a la:mun + ?alifun ligature la: Examples: la: g<adi:da tah.ta a<s<s<amsi 'nihil novi sub sole' wahuna:ka ba'd.u h.ayawa:na:tin uh_ra` turabbi:ha: h.ayawa:na:tun uh_ra` 'there are some animals brought up by other animals' See also my signature.
> I think I also need a Farsi keyboard driver for Windows98. I found (and > downloaded and installed both in the college and at home) a patch with > Hebrew and Arabic cp*.nls and kbd*.kbd. It works more or less good (though > it still doesn't permit to change font size in Word2K), but with [AR] > keyboard I can input only Arabic chars, but I'm afraid I'll need some > diacritics (like Persian 'gaf' [U+06AF] or 'veh' [U+06A4])... > A reference to any other good utility will be appreciated. > My configs are Win98Ru/MSOffice2K +IE5.0/OE5 (college) :: +Opera6.0/OE6 > (home)
Try Keyman: and Babelpad: -- /\ P. M. Arktayg pmva[at] /\ \/ "rubba s.idqin ka:na ?akd_aba min kid_bin" \/ \/\/ 'często prawda jest bardziej kłamliwa niż kłamstwo' \/\/


P. M. Arktayg <pmva@...>