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Re: [clicks &] * creating words*

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Monday, January 21, 2002, 7:05
What's Techoslang? From your examples below, it looks like Tech with
anglicized spelling... ?


Danny Wier wrote:
> > Indeed, I am thinking of a word for this. > > > > "That hollow feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you're >doing > > something, have done something wrong, and somehow know you can't reverse > > it." > > > > I really wish I had a word for that. > >I wish I had a word for a lot of things. (Remember Sniglets?) That's one of >the main reasons I'm creating Tech; it's to express in one or two words >what >you can't express in English or Latin without using a complex expression. >Greek (particularly New Testament koine) has a lot of words to express >various nuances of meaning on a single topic, such as the three words for >"love". > >So far, I have the following, all borrowed from Proto-Semitic: > >na:s^ = mankind, the common man, the "average Joe/Jane", "you" as in >"flattery will get you nowhere", French _on_: Techoslang "nash" > >dZak_ar = man (male), guy, fellow, "one of the guys", typical "red-blooded >American male", man's man, good ol' boy: Techoslang "jakher" or "jacker" > >*Note: k_ = [x]; likewise p_ = [f], b_ = [v], m_ = [v~ or m-tail] t_ = [T], >d_ = [d], g_ = [gamma] > >untS = woman, wife, "old lady", especially a stereotypical nagging wife who >always saves her husband's ass: Techoslang "untch" > >ab_ = father, mentor, patriarch, fatherly leader, older male lover (not >necessarily in gay relationships), a man who's a pillar of strength in a >group, pastor/priest/rabbi, "old soul", a young man who's wise and mature >for his age: Techoslang "av" > >umm = mother, matriarch, nurturing type of person, teacher esp. of morals, >disciplinarian, "mother hen", a young woman who's always taking care of >children and animals: Techoslang "umm" > >h~am_ (C~ = emphatic) = father-in-law, vigilant protector, overprotective >father or other authority figure, paranoid type, the old man who sits on >the >porch with loaded shotgun in hand waiting for someone to trod upon his >property: Techoslang "hav" or "harve" > >I'm really brainstorming right now, and I got words that aren't connected >with familial relationships. > >~Danny~ > > >_________________________________________________________ >Do You Yahoo!? >Get your free address at
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