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Re: [clicks &] * creating words*

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Sunday, January 20, 2002, 18:14
From: "Joe Hill" <joe@...>

> Indeed, I am thinking of a word for this. > > "That hollow feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you're doing > something, have done something wrong, and somehow know you can't reverse > it." > > I really wish I had a word for that.
I wish I had a word for a lot of things. (Remember Sniglets?) That's one of the main reasons I'm creating Tech; it's to express in one or two words what you can't express in English or Latin without using a complex expression. Greek (particularly New Testament koine) has a lot of words to express various nuances of meaning on a single topic, such as the three words for "love". So far, I have the following, all borrowed from Proto-Semitic: na:s^ = mankind, the common man, the "average Joe/Jane", "you" as in "flattery will get you nowhere", French _on_: Techoslang "nash" dZak_ar = man (male), guy, fellow, "one of the guys", typical "red-blooded American male", man's man, good ol' boy: Techoslang "jakher" or "jacker" *Note: k_ = [x]; likewise p_ = [f], b_ = [v], m_ = [v~ or m-tail] t_ = [T], d_ = [d], g_ = [gamma] untS = woman, wife, "old lady", especially a stereotypical nagging wife who always saves her husband's ass: Techoslang "untch" ab_ = father, mentor, patriarch, fatherly leader, older male lover (not necessarily in gay relationships), a man who's a pillar of strength in a group, pastor/priest/rabbi, "old soul", a young man who's wise and mature for his age: Techoslang "av" umm = mother, matriarch, nurturing type of person, teacher esp. of morals, disciplinarian, "mother hen", a young woman who's always taking care of children and animals: Techoslang "umm" h~am_ (C~ = emphatic) = father-in-law, vigilant protector, overprotective father or other authority figure, paranoid type, the old man who sits on the porch with loaded shotgun in hand waiting for someone to trod upon his property: Techoslang "hav" or "harve" I'm really brainstorming right now, and I got words that aren't connected with familial relationships. ~Danny~ _________________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Get your free address at