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Characters (was: Nice comment, Adam! (was: beautiful scripts))

From:SuomenkieliMaa <suomenkieli@...>
Date:Monday, October 15, 2001, 11:48
--- laokou <laokou@...> wrote:
> From: "D Tse" > > Adam wrote: > > >Oh, and I too am a traditional character fan. I > do NOT like to look at > the > > >mangled Mao-ies. They are so asthetically > UNpleasing. The traditional > > >characters (with a few jarring exceptions) have a > lovely sence of balance > > >born of generations of refinement. The > "simplified" characters all look > > >like their about to fall over or colapse inward > or break in half. > They'er > > >UGLY! > > > Hear, HEAR! I am not very good at recognising > simplified characters, and I > > dislike them greatly. Some of them even look > quite un-Chinese to me...
As a Caucasian American, I wonder if I have the right to vote on Chinese characters (?)... but anyhow, I still say the Japanese partially-simplified-but-still-not-Maoies characters are the most aesthetic (although totally unpleasing to the eye when mixed with kana). BTW, do Taiwanese &/or Mainlanders find Japanese Chinese characters difficult to recognize? How about Koreans? What about the "made in Japan" ones like "toge" (looks like character for "top" is on top of the character for "below," with a "mountain" ["yama-hen"] to the left) ? Matt33 __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Make a great connection at Yahoo! Personals.


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