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Expressing "that's how"

From:B. Garcia <madyaas@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 23, 2005, 21:04
As I was sitting around doing nothing, i began to think of various
sentence patterns and how would I write them in Ayhan. I came across
on that's an issue -- how to express "that is how" in Ayhan, when
Ayhan lacks "to be". I just can't get my mind around how to do it. I
can't even think of a messy solution.

A little infor on Ayhan's structure:

- Typically VSO (although in constructions like "He who..." it becomes SVO)
- Adjectives preceed their nouns using a linker between the two, same
with adverbs
- It contains all the "typical" classes of function words
(conjunctions, prepositions)

So, people, can you think of a better way to do it?

Inu payangyara unamey ati tal amariey ka sey, payangyara kria?
Yanaysatra sonataya atan inu jumoey ati atan matawsara jumoey ati.


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