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Re: Jesus translation exercise (was: Re: slowness...)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 10, 2001, 3:20
Kash:  pun Yesuwe sende ingiles timbani yapowumit, mame yapowumit.
    if  Jesus-DAT(EMPH)  language english  enough it-is-useful, ls-DAT(EMPH)

(There should be a lengthy footnote, explaining Jesus, perhaps Christian
theology, and certainly the mind-set of the sort of people who would say
this in all seriousness.)

There might actually be a version: pun pratishale sende kash etc.... "if
Kash is good enough for the Cousins...", referring to the wild (unevolved,
quadrupedal) relatives who in a somewhat limited way can communicate
telepathically with the Kash.  Obviously, they do not communicate with Kash
words, but that's how the recipient perceives it.  It would still be
considered a stupid remark.