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Re: triphtong

From:Joe <joe@...>
Date:Friday, June 24, 2005, 15:36
Henrik Theiling wrote:

>Hi! > >Joe <joe@...> writes: > > >># 1 wrote: >> >> >> >>>In my dictionnary (a French dictionnary), at the word "triphtong" >>>(triphtongue) it says the normal stuff: a vowel that changes two >>>times but they give as example the english word "fire" >>> >>>Does fire contain a triphong? probably something like /6i@/? >>> >>>Before reading this, I thought that fire were /f6j@`/ and that >>>English didn't contain triphtongs >>> >>>But it is a French dictionnary from France so I can't be sure about >>>their English knowledge >>> >>>Might someone tell me? >>> >>> >>It's a triphthong in my British dialect. [fAi@]. In American >>English, I believe it's more like [fAjr=]. Also, see 'hour' [aU@], >>IME. >> >> > >Doesn't it need to be one syllable to be a triphthong? I never >thought Japanese 'blue/green' = 'aoi' was a triphthong, but it fact >three monophthongs. I'd say that 'fire' and 'hour' should be two >syllables, no? I perceive them as: > > hour [aU@] /aU).@/ not /a_U_@/ (no CXS for a triphthong...) > fire [fAi@] /fAi).@/ not /fA_i_@/ > >
I'd describe them both as monosyllables, at least the way I say them.


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