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Re: First Original Rokbeigalmki Text

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Thursday, July 1, 1999, 16:52
On Wed, 30 Jun 1999 13:49:44 -0300 FFlores <fflores@...> writes:
>Congratulations on your first original text! I'm sure we'll see >more of that soon.
>Since this is a beautiful text (and short), and Nik has translated >it, I'll also throw my own translation in here (and maybe it becomes >a translation exercise classic. :) I hope I've got the sense of it >right. Here it is, in Drasel=E9q: > Fremp gimil v=FCs vel freth, > fremp elthrosot vel freth > Per =FCthar=FCr ar, padhr=FCr > th=E4n k=F3nissar b=FCrron > Fremp i giad kalg=E9ntasai > Freth not=FCr i giad.
> Per =FCthar=FCr ar, padhr=FCr > because heart.LOC be.3s tongue.LOC >I assume you meant the physical tongue. I altered the line a >bit to keep the rhythm. I also used the verb in singular, not >plural, 'cos it refers to the (no)thing that never dies.
I don't remember why i made this plural....maybe intuition based on two theories that i thought of afterwards: 1. _umzo`i`_ refers to the *memories*, and not to the actual "nothing". 2. since _nilhao_ (as opposed to _nahao_) incorporates the word _ilu_, "all/every", it can be considered a collective singular or an individual plural, and the plural sense is more appropriate to the meaning of the poem.
> Fremp i giad kalg=E9ntasai > never PRT you forget.1sFUT > > Freth not=FCr i giad. > no time.LOC PRT you > >There's no actual emphatic construction similar to "never ever", >so I used _freth not=FCr_ 'in no time, in no occasion' to emphasize >(instead of plain _fremp_ 'never'). > >The particle _i_ is an object mark here; it's widely used with >verbs of perception, and in general where the object is not >affected by the verb. > > >--Pablo Flores
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