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Re: Macrospeak and Microspeak

From:The Keenans <makeenan@...>
Date:Thursday, May 2, 2002, 22:01
Danny Wier wrote:
> > From: "Jake X" <alwaysawake247@...> > > > After lurking for a few days (in other words not proposing a conlang of my > > own), I want to make a proposal. Please note that this is only an > exercize. > > I want to see how well I can pack information into a sentence.
> {SNIP}
> I'm doing that myself with Tech! We were also discussing an excellent > conlang project from a former member of our list, a language called Lin, > which is designed to "compress" as much information into as few syllables as > possible. It's written in some syllabry based on ASCII or something. Check > the archives for Raymond Brown's recent (as in this month) posts on Lin. > > What I'm doing is trying to create a "compressed" language that could pass > for a natlang, so I'm using actual human languages to come up with a > language for a highly-advanced elven race. (Tech is to be somewhat of a > satirical language as well.) I posted a sentence earlier meaning "the coffee > is bitter today", and the first word I remember was |z'mah| meaning "she/it > was bitter". (Tech is written in a as-of-yet uninvented Semitic script I'll > probably base on Syriac and Arabic). > > {SNIP} > You wanna see for yourself? Go here: > Notice that Georgian > "compresses" words phonetically in a way by dropping vowels, and you can get > as many as six initial consonants in a row!
Its nice to see people interested in the same type of conlangs I am. There isn't that many of us. Good luck to both of you with your new projects. If you want to see my approach to the subject see 'Ok' at; This is a very poor webpage. Only the links on the opening page work so you'l have to keep using your back button to navigate around. Sorry. I think the cleverest thing I came up with for brevity was the system of using single consonants to show tence and aspect. In later forms of Ok there is assimilation of just about everything, by which I mean that any vowel or consonant can get assimilated. I'm basically a sucker for liaison and, classical Ok really needs some! -Xto! Duke
> ~Danny~