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Macrospeak and Microspeak

From:Jake X <alwaysawake247@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 1, 2002, 2:16
Hey all,

After lurking for a few days (in other words not proposing a conlang of my
own), I want to make a proposal. Please note that this is only an exercize.
I want to see how well I can pack information into a sentence. So the first
of my exercize twin-langs I will call Microspeak (title not important, maybe
I'll change them but it's just an exercize....). I have not worked anything
out yet, but here's an idea for Microspeak:

She (unmarried girl named Sarah) walks (habitually, without fail) to school
(high school).

That project will be to come up with a simple system to cram all that
information into few words. But I don't expect it to be very learnable.

The second side of the coin, Macrospeak, will be the opposite, everything
generalized, nothing need be said unless that's the point of the sentence.
So, theoretically, if I can make this happen: (this would be the translation
of the same sentence in macrospeak)

"That one" performs change of motion to other place.

But... the fun will be I'll try to share vocabulary between them in

Tell me what you think...


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