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Re: Creative spelling scheme

From:Morgan Palaeo Associates <morganpalaeo@...>
Date:Thursday, January 11, 2001, 0:05
Steg Belsky wrote, quoting myself:

> It's very interesting... it's a lot different than the systems that > i've used, and seems sort of counter-intuitive to me, but if it works > for you, great!
Put it this way ... I believe it's *as* intuitive as a semi-phonetic rendering of a modern English dialect can be if restricted to Latin characters (with minimal use of diacritics). We all know that the language and the alphabet simply don't fit. See my reply to Eliott for some recent changes.
> Marking stress with consonants: good idea.
I think it works well. I find that a problem with most simplifified spelling systems is that it's very hard to read them with any sense of rhythm. Therefore I've tried to ensure that the length of a word is a reasonable approximation of its "weight", if you like (factors contributing to weight being stress, tightness, length, etc). The tightest vowels are the ones that are always spelt as though they were long, lengths of vowels are generally indicated, and an extra consonant is added for stress.
> > "Jesus Christ" = Djeozziz Kruest > > The final {s} in "Jesus" is voiced in your dialect?
Yes? Adrian.