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Re: CHAT: Intro & Chat: New to Language Construction

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Thursday, March 16, 2000, 2:25
Natalie Brunelle <renaissance_writer@...> wrote:

>My name is Natalie and I'm new to the list too. I'm >also new to language construction. ... I'm creating >a world for the fantasy novel that I'm writing, so I'm >also creating new cultures and new languages. (Kind >of an ambitious project for someone so new.)
Never too ambitious! We've all been new at everything. Let us know what you're doing. And welcome! --Pablo Flores ... I cannot combine any characters that the divine Library has not foreseen, which in some of its secret tongues do not bear some terrible meaning. No-one can articulate a syllable not filled of caresses and fears; which is not, in some one of those languages, the powerful name of a god... Jorge Luis Borges, _The Library of Babel_ I know
>that I want a couple of my languages to be based on >Swahili, and I want the other languages I develop to >be based on other African languages, ancient or >modern. Fantasy novels these days focus so much on >European history and culture (and there's nothing >wrong with that, it's the stuff that made me fall in >love with the genre). I'd just like to branch out, >and give people a look at what can be extracted and >imagined through African culture. So if anyone has >any suggestions for me I'm all ears. I looking >forward to talking with everyone. > >-Natalie > >--- Shreyas Sampat <nsampat@...> wrote: >> <snips> >> I'm new too. >> I have somewhat of a language in the works, and it's >> bad. Dreadful. >> Unutterably, obscenely, horribly bad. >> I'll post it eventually, though, because you're >> obviously all much more >> competent than I and hopefully I'll learn something >> while you're >> discussing linguistics with all those big words you >> use. >> -- >> -Shreyas >> Loth 77 >> > >> > >__________________________________________________ >Do You Yahoo!? >Talk to your friends online with Yahoo! Messenger. >