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Yitzik and Basilius met in Kiev

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 28, 2007, 13:48
Hi ppl,

this weekend, Basilius and me (Yitzik) had a bit spontaneous
micro-conlangcon in Kiev, since Basilius came to Kiev for a business trip.
That was my first meeing with a conlanger IRL. We discussed (rather
chaoticly) quite many topics of common interest. Among them:
- evaluating new conlang projects we saw on the net;
- acquainting with our current projects/ideas;
- miscellaneous linguistic-related topics (various types of vowel harmony,
influence of verb semantics on the verb morphology) etc.
Some conclusions:
- we unanimously acknoledged Henrik Theiling's project "Þrjótrunn" ) "The Conlang of the Month";
- we both found conlanging (esp. a_posteriori one) to be a powerful tool for
studying linguistics;
- I, personally, see a strong artistic aspect in this hobby, too;
- in a_priori conlanging, we found generating vocabulary to be the most
diffucult pert of the process, esp. if we want to achieve high degree of
naturality: Basilius sees it as a real obstacle, while I see it as a
- the most odd idea was the use of language study and/or conlanging as
having therapeutic effect on certain psychological/mental problems like
depressions, communication difficulties etc.
We both enjoyed this event. Indeed, it was very encouraging.

I would appreciate if you ppl can share your ideas wrt creating a_priori
vocabulary without using software (that I usually feel inadequate to satisfy
my creativity).

-- Yitzik


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