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Re: [announce] Invented Languages magazine

From:David J. Peterson <dedalvs@...>
Date:Saturday, May 31, 2008, 5:29
If I am given the words and the clues, I can produce a crossword
puzzle as a Word doc. Doesn't matter if the words are in different
languages so long as the alphabet is the same. Could put the
appropriate conlang name in quotes as part of the clue, to avoid
things being thrown through the window (e.g. the crossword editor) by
irate puzzle fans.
The more words available, the easier to produce a nice, tight puzzle,
though some words might not fit.
Haven't tried it with publishing deadlines yet, so don't know what
lead time is required.

Call it blasphemy, but I am more impressed by someone who
can put together a functional, New York Times-style crossword
puzzle than by someone who creates a language.  I have tried,
on occasion, to produce a crossword puzzle.  Not in a conlang,
or a second language, mind you, but in English--my home court,
as it were.  And while I can do an elementary school crossword
puzzle (the ones where there is, at most, two intersections
between words), I have attempted a real one, and ended up
tearing it to shreds.  I tried desperately to find a word in English
that ended in "-ec" and was eleven letters long.  I'm not sure
such a thing exists.  To you, sir, I tip my hat.  And if you really
did want to put together a conlang crossword, I'd give you
some words.  I'd be delighted to see the result.

"sunly eleSkarez ygralleryf ydZZixelje je ox2mejze."
"No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn."

-Jim Morrison


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