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Re: [announce] Invented Languages magazine

From:ROGER MILLS <rfmilly@...>
Date:Saturday, May 31, 2008, 6:07
David Peterson wrote:
> >Call it blasphemy, but I am more impressed by someone who >can put together a functional, New York Times-style crossword >puzzle than by someone who creates a language. I have tried, >on occasion, to produce a crossword puzzle. Not in a conlang, >or a second language, mind you, but in English--my home court, >as it were.
A friend and I tried on several occasions (we also used to race to see who could finish the Sunday NYT puzzle fastest :-))) and could only at best make one corner or so. Very discouraging, though somehow we avoided the "11-letter word ending in -ec" problem...:-) (But there's IIRC "malbec" a grape variety, and how about "Spanish brandy distiller" ans. Domecq) How 'bout those words in the Spelling Bee finals tonight? Aargh!!! In the little informal spell-offs we used to have in 6th grade, "receive" was considered a challenge! And if you really
>did want to put together a conlang crossword, I'd give you >some words. I'd be delighted to see the result.
A lot of your languages have enough vocab (and Kamakawi has simple syllable structure); likewise (I like to think) Kash-- maybe I'll try over the weekend, in between the NYT and WaPo puzzles.... Though I'm not sure simple syll. structure is necessarily a good thing-- I recall watching my Indonesian teacher (a Javanese lady) doing one in Bah.Indonesia, and I could barely figure out the clues, let alone the answers :-) Of course in a proper conlang crossword, the clues have to be in the language, too, no???? Next step-- a London Times type puzzle, with cryptic clues. Ouch. The Harvard Alum. Magazine used to have a very challenging puzzle of that type, which usually took me a week or 10 days to solve, if ever-- but it was discontinued years ago.