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Re: [announce] Invented Languages magazine

From:Mark J. Reed <markjreed@...>
Date:Friday, May 30, 2008, 21:10
Yes, digital print has a ways to go.  We're very close to feasible
digital paper, though, that's flexible and uses digital ink and is
pretty much just like a printed page whose contents can be changed
arbitrarily. Like something out of Harry Potter. :)

On 5/30/08, Ph. D. <phil@...> wrote:
> Maybe it's just my age, but there's something > special about a printed book or periodical > that I just don't feel from an electronic edition. > Screen resolutions are not that high, and the > backlit page is somewhat tiring. I enjoy sitting > in my comfortable chair reading a new book > printed on nice paper. The smell of a new > book is a joy. > > Sure, it's easier to search an electronic version, > and I don't have a problem with making both > versions available, but I really appreciate the > paper version. > > In fact, I just received my copy today! On the > first page it states: "Environmental Policy: Prior > to publishing each edition, the Editor plants > five trees to offset the environmental impact > of this magazine." > > I'll sit down this evening and read through the > entire issue, but it looks great! Thanks, Rick! > > --Ph. D. > > > ----- Original Message ----- > From: Amanda Babcock Furrow >> >> So I am waving the flag for physical copies, >> and plan to order one. Better still for me are >> dead-tree subscriptions, that show up magically >> in the mailbox and make my day. I can only >> dream about a world with conlang dead-tree >> subscriptions. (Would it be monthly? Have >> a crossword? Or would every issue feature a >> Relay-like text to decipher yourself?) >
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