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Re: [announce] Invented Languages magazine

From:Ph. D. <phil@...>
Date:Friday, May 30, 2008, 20:35
Maybe it's just my age, but there's something
special about a printed book or periodical
that I just don't feel from an electronic edition.
Screen resolutions are not that high, and the
backlit page is somewhat tiring. I enjoy sitting
in my comfortable chair reading a new book
printed on nice paper. The smell of a new
book is a joy.

Sure, it's easier to search an electronic version,
and I don't have a problem with making both
versions available, but I really appreciate the
paper version.

In fact, I just received my copy today! On the
first page it states: "Environmental Policy: Prior
to publishing each edition, the Editor plants
five trees to offset the environmental impact
of this magazine."

I'll sit down this evening and read through the
entire issue, but it looks great! Thanks, Rick!

--Ph. D.

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From: Amanda Babcock Furrow
> > So I am waving the flag for physical copies, > and plan to order one. Better still for me are > dead-tree subscriptions, that show up magically > in the mailbox and make my day. I can only > dream about a world with conlang dead-tree > subscriptions. (Would it be monthly? Have > a crossword? Or would every issue feature a > Relay-like text to decipher yourself?)


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