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Re: [announce] Invented Languages magazine

Date:Tuesday, May 27, 2008, 19:03
> [] On Behalf Of And Rosta
> Rick, I've ordered it out of regard & respect for the editor, > but I rue the hardcopy-only policy. Postage costs me more > than the magazine itself. Hardcopy imposes further costs in > physical storage and time spent either carefully filing or > else in hunting for what was not carefully filed. Now that > pdfs are free and easy to create, hardcopy has no great > typographical advantages, either. In my academic life I try > to pursue a policy of reading articles only when they are > available as pdfs (I don't yet succeed, but get closer to > success every year). And I hanker for the day when electronic > paper is as legible as paper paper. [I confess I am one of > those people who has forsaken their antique & much loved > vinyl collection (& also the CD collection) in favour of mp3s.)
I agree, I too would rather see an electronic copy. Not just because of cost, but I'm more likely to read something on the net than anything printed. Printed materials generally get dumped into a pile with other things and summarily forgotten until they get tossed out during a cleaning binge after the cats have finished shredding them into confetti. The added benefit of electronic documents, is the ability to search easily for information. I year or two from now, I may want to refer back to an article. Running a search on my hard drive is much quicker than flipping through a mountain of papers. For those that need or prefer paper, well, that's what printers are for. Yes, I too have gone completely digital with the music. It's nice to have the entire collection in my at work, at home, in my cars, and whereever else. Much easier than juggling a couple hundred CD's.


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