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Re: [announce] Invented Languages magazine

From:Fredrik Ekman <ekman@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 27, 2008, 22:05
On Tue, May 27, 2008 6:56 pm, And Rosta said:

> Now that pdfs are free and easy to create, hardcopy has no great
> advantages, either.
As one of the contributing writers in the publication, I have to point out one argument against electronic distribution. A professional-looking print publication carries a lot more status than an electronic document, no matter how nice the typography is. Now, that status may not be important to you as a reader, but it certainly is important to me as a writer. I contributed my article purely as a non-profit undertaking. Now, I have wanted to write that article for a long time, and I could have just self-published it on my own web site. I did not do that, even though it would have given the article a potentially larger audience and longer lifetime. But when Rick came along and offered the possibility of having it in print, I jumped at the opportunity, partly because I know how good it feels to see my own words printed in a good publication. Without that venue, who knows if I would ever have written it. (Whether it actually DESERVED to be written and published is a completely different discussion.) Electronic publication, whether in html or pdf, definitely has its place. So does the printed word. The fact that the conlanging community has its own magazine should be heralded as a great achievement and something which raises the status of said community. That some people should choose not to purchase because they think the format is too expensive or too inconvenient is, naturally, their choice. And I respect it. But that does not in any way lessen the value of the publication. Just the contrary. Fredrik PS. Rick himself may possibly have gone nomail, so if he does not enter this discussion, that is not due to lack of respect or anything.


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