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Re: CHAT: The Gray Wizard Returns

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 20, 1999, 16:08
* Dr. David E. Bell ( [991020 17:57]:
> Greetings,
Ah hurray! No more worries!
> I have recently returned from a year of R&R after a bout of illness due to > overwork. My wife and I retired to our home in the Harz Mountains where we > had no internet access.
Harz Mountains, where is that? Sounds germanic.
> My time off has done wonders for my conlanging.
The vacation-effect, yeah.
> It was great to be able to > spend days at a time working on my language. This has resulted in my > conlang, amman iar, approaching a level of completion that I had never > dreamed possible. The current draft of my reference grammar is nearly 300 > pages. I hope to convert much of this work to HTML on my new website, >, over the next few months. Don't look now because > there's nothing there yet.
Do tell us when we should change links etc.? Or should we remove old links already?
> I have always envied prolific conlangers who seem to be able to bang out > multiple conlangs.
Yeah, but has such languages any heart? Where's their soul, life? Not that a language needs it, but it shows if it has. /snip the rest/ tal. -- "Better living through conlanging"