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From:Philippe Caquant <herodote92@...>
Date:Thursday, February 12, 2004, 19:38
The different translations don't seem to agree very
much, at least as French is concerned.

On the site mentioned:
'Comme ils étaient partis de l'orient, ils trouverent
une plaine au pays de Schinear, et ils y habiterent.'

In my 'oecumenic' version:
'Or, en se deplacant vers l'orient, les hommes
decouvrirent une plaine dans le pays de Shinear et y
habiterent'. (*)

In my exemplar of the 'Bible of Jerusalem':
'Comme les hommes se deplacaient à l'orient, ils
trouverent une plaine au pays de Shinear et ils s'y

(*) There is a note: 'pays de Shinear: designation
ancienne de la Mesopotamie'

So, in one version, they left from East, in another,
they moved towards East, and in the third one, they
wandered somewhere in the East (de l'orient / vers
l'orient / a l'orient). And the plain becomes a valley

Traduttore, tradittore.

--- Muke Tever <hotblack@...> wrote:
> I think that amount of leeway is not particularly > liberal--apparently it's > "plain in Shinar" in the NIV: > > > But in general, how sacred would your lang's > speakers consider Biblical > texts in general to be when translating them? You > have options: > > - no translation; the original languages are > more sacred/canonical > - strict 1:1 translation, sacrificing preferred > word orders and > possibly even grammaticality > - slightly laxer, making minor changes for > grammar's sake > [Most English Bibles here. They often mark > additions in italics; > things like added copulas.] > - loose translation, using idiomatic language to > express the whole of > the text > - free translation, using idiomatic language to > express the gist of the > text
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