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Re: Hear Me! Hear Me!

From:Jake X <alwaysawake247@...>
Date:Monday, June 24, 2002, 22:53
(big snip)
>Whereas for me they don't, and both variants are common. Presumably >for you, "holy" and "wholly" sound identical? For me they are [h8u-li] >and [hOuli] respectively.
They're the same for me, I think, except I might pronounce the double l in the second word longer. (as I do when the last letter of the root is the same as the first of the suffix.) So I guess I pronounce wholly like whole-ly, in other words rhyming with |solely| ,whose spelling more correctly matches my pronunciation.
> > Also, is the vowel in 'school' for you more like a long version of 'put' > > or the vowel of 'moot'? (For me, the former.)
Definately moot, though I'd say that moot is tighter for me than school, which leans towards a dipthong.
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