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Re: Colored Scripts

From:Heather Rice <florarroz@...>
Date:Sunday, January 20, 2002, 20:43
Well, I don't know about scripts used in the world
that incorporated different colors, but I just
invented one about two months ago that has colors.
Its history is very interesting, because it didn't
start out with such a color contrast.  It stated out
in black ink (or blue, depending upon which pen I
picked up at the time).  I contrasted vowels to
consonants by having all my consonants sit on the
line, while my vowels sort of fell down from the line
above.  Its a cursive kind of script, so it looks sort
of like a sandwich, with two constant or semi-constant
lines running along the top and bottom like two pieces
of bread.

But then I decided it was getting to messy and hard to
pick out consonant from vowel, so I just wrote the
consonants in black ink and vowels in blue.

I was having to make all sorts of diatric marks to
distinguish the different vowels, when i got this
grand idea.  Write diphthongs and long vowels in blue,
consonants in black and short vowels in red!  Its very
pretty, to my eyes.

Really, its very VERY impractical.  It takes a lot of
time just to write one word.  So, today, I invented
another script.  Maybe I should say stole.  Its really
the greek alphabet adapted to my own use.  I like the
greek script.

I also invented a more hieroglyphic script that is
supposed to be the precurser of my colored one.  The
adapted greek script is not native to my conlang,
rather a borrowing for the culture.  I.e.  it saves me
time to write my conlang.  Such tyrants, we



"From a word to a word
I was led to a word
From a deed to another deed." - Odin in Havamal

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