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Re: introduction Middelsprake

From:Ingmar Roerdinkholder <ingmar.roerdinkholder@...>
Date:Sunday, June 26, 2005, 14:02
Henrik Theiling asked me to introduce myself in English too.
The reason I didn't at first was that I wanted the Middelsprake text to be
and also because I suppose people at this will like to read conlang texts
too ;-)
One other thing Henrik asked me to explain:
I'm not advocating MS, so I don't say you should learn or speak it...

The English version:
I 'd like to introduce myself to you: my n name is Ingmar Roerdinkholder, I
live in
the Netherlands and I love constructed/artificial/auxilary/planned
I have created a few myself as well, and the language you read now (below)
is Middelsprake.

Middelsprake is an Inter-Germanic common language, based upon the modern,
living Germanic languages
English, German, Dutch, Danish, Low Saxon (Low German), Frisian and New
The principle is similar to Interlingua, but Middelsprake also has cross
words, mostly
when Scandinavian and West-Germanic differ a lot at that point.

If you want to know more about Middelsprake, you can go to
and also to

What I would like to know is:

*Can you read this (the MS text below, that is)?
*If you're from a country with a Germanic language, does that help you to
understand MS?
*Do you understand everything without trouble, half of it or just a little

Kind regards from Ingmar Roerdinkholder, Arnhem, Netherlands

And now to Andreas:

Tusend tank for diin welkomme on reaktion, Andreas!
Ig is lükkig dat du forsta MS so good.
Kom du fran Sweden - wilk Germanisch sprakes kenne du, uter Swedenisch
On wat tenke du, Middelsprake like meer en Skandinavisch oller en
Westgermanisch sprake?

"Swedenisch" ha -en- fordat dat like meer as Skand. Svensk(a), *Swedisch
schalde wese wirklig Westgermanisch.
Doch, magschee dat is doch better...

Gröte, Ingmar

> Quoting Ingmar Roerdinkholder <ingmar.roerdinkholder@...>: > >> Hei folk af de Conlang list > > Welcome! > >> Ig wil make mi kenned an ju: miin name is Ingmar Roerdinkholder, ig leve >> in >> Nederland on ig liove künstlig sprakes. >> Ig ha maked okso eniges self, on de sprake dat ju lese nu is >> Middelsprake. >> >> Middelsprake is en Intergermanisch meen sprake, basered up de modern, >> levend Germanisch sprakes >> Engelisch, Dütisch, Nederlandisch, Danisch, Swedenisch, Nedersaksisch >> (Nederdütisch), Frisisch on Nünorisch (Landmål). >> De principe is liik as in Interlingua, doch Middelsprake ha okso ennoch >> "krüsworde", meest fordat Skandinavisch on West- >> Germanisch forskillede mennig up dat punkte. >> >> In fal du wil wete meer over Middelsprake, du kan ga to >> >> >> >> on okso to >> >> >> >> >> Wat ig wilde wete gerne, is: >> >> *kan du lese dis? > > Yes. > >> *in fal du kom fran en land mid en Germanisch sprake, helpe dat di to >> forsta >> Middelsprake? > > Yes it does. Knowing multiple Germanic languages helps more. > >> *forsta du al uter problem, kan du forsta de halfte, oller alene en >> lüttel >> af dis?' > > I understand practically everything. > > (Why's the Middelsprake word for "Swedish" _Swedenisch_? There's no reason > for > the middle -en-, is there?) > > Andreas >


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