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Re: vocab #2.2

From:Muke Tever <mktvr@...>
Date:Saturday, November 2, 2002, 4:50
Well, I had started this week's vocab, but then my computer decided to crash
horribly last weekend.  Luckily (?) the only data I lost was my mail folders...
So I had to start over, and havent quite finished yet.  This is what I have so

    > 1. whoever
    > Whoever stole my wallet is going to die!

Xëxë ñappenëñy powaleejettshe, phlixëquòxalykwixë ty!

xV-xV     J-ap'en-V-Jy          po-wAlee-jet'Se
that-that from-inventory-POSS-1 PERF-"wallet"-steal,

phli-xV-?u-OxAly-kw-ixV ty
LIB-him-PASS-dead-be-1/3 CAUS

    > 2. which
    > Which one do you like better?

Xëpa quululilu nisja?

xV=pA    ?uu-lul-ilu     nisjA
that=TOP PASS-prefer-1/2 which?

    > 3. scale
    > What kind of bathroom scale do you have?

Slushepa angappenëlusji ñji kkishe?

sluSe=pA  AN-Ap'en-V-lusji    Jji      k'iSe
scale=TOP in-inventory-POSS-2 classify how?

    > How many scales are there on a trout?

Chiñaqingopa shangixë ttenwalo?

chiJa-?-iNo=pA       SAN-ixV t'eNwalo
scale-POSS-trout=TOP have-1/3 how-many?

    > Someone scaled the wall silently.

Upa enokunokku poshesiluphixë.

u=pA       e-nokunok'u  po-Sesi-luph-ixV
person=TOP INST-silence PERF-wall-climb-1/3

    > 4. throat
    > My throat hurt, so I guessed I had some kind of infection.

Lëñypa ùùnölo, ëlenge impekkshëmpa twoquushangiñy ttuwu.

l-V-Jy=pa         UU-n2lo
throat-POSS-1=TOP MID-hurt,

VleNe impek'SVn=pa    two-?uu-SAN-iJy     t'uwu
so    "infection"=TOP PROB-PASS-have-1/1 think

    > 5. set
    > Every one of the dish sets was chipped.

Twaë sholaqëlëlswupa lëtlomuppu tlishangixë.

twAV  SolA-?-VlVlswu-pa lV-tKomup'u tKi-SAN-ixV
every set-POSS-dish=TOP PRT-chip    XERG-have-1/3

    > Everytime he sets the table, he forgets the spoons.

Jaja makhùkkëlixë, spunngëëmwixë.

jA-jA     makh-Uk'Vl-ixV,   spuN-NVVmw-ixV
when-when table-prepare-1/3, "spoon"-forget-1/3

    > 6. slight
    > Whenever her son has a slight cough, she takes him to the doctor.

Jaja ngunwëxinipa ppippilupëluppòm quushangixë, luunòmimjinòpa cwùxë ty.

jA-jA     NUNw-V-xini=pA p'i-p'i-lupV-lup'-Om       ?uu-SAN-ixV
when-when son-POSS-3=TOP minor-weak-NMLZR-cough=NOM PASS-have-1/3

luu-nO-mimjinO=pA   cw-UxV   ty
to-OCC-medicine=TOP go-3B/3A CAUS