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Re: TRANS: Simple translation exercise!

From:Ajin Kwai <yasmin4@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 17, 2003, 20:42
i like this one, so i tried it out for draqa:

> 1) This tavern/bar isn't as good as it used to be.
hoia sehi méban c'pftalan dan yog haf sio: my-experience not as-good-as of-hangout wr2 currently-happening as-compared-to not-happening-anymore
> 2) What are you doing? I told you to leave them
where they were! má'a wan: mpóiwa wa fo meackwa dan doa siaf: má'a * 2p directed question wan * interrogative pronominal mpóiwa * "well, it was just said (that)..." wa * these words following... fo * introduces irrealis statements, wishes, commands, et cetera meac * "leave (be)" (allow, permit, aid, give, facillitate) kwa * (of) this/that thing dan * with respect to doa * location siaf * self, same
> 3) I would embrace the world if I could.
a'coi mwouhle c'fikulawa fo bíalxian: a'coi * "I would do this..." mwouhle * hug, embrace c'. fiku. lawa * of. all/complete. world/reality fo * irrealis bíal * mundanely capable, effective xian * 1st person exclusive
> 4) The cat ate the mouse I gave her like a tiger
[would]. adíki tíkrfaer dan maowacou heinyama c'pípeh teixian: adíki * i saw it happen tíkr.faer * tiger-like dan * wr2 maowa * cat cou * from hei- * doing what it "naturally" does nyama * food c' pípeh * of mouse tehi.xian * of origator/benefactor. 1st person exclusive "nayu" is the usual word for eating, drinking, smoking, medicating and such... but in this case, the construction of "hei+nyama" carries the translation better.
> 5) Yes, I've heard you, and no, I don't want to buy
it. a jwei: mpóiwa: hoia sehi meac kían: a jwei * yes mpóiwa * "Well, it was recently said (that)..." hoia * my experience sehi * not meac * "transact, follow through" (allow, permit, give, aid, facillitate) kían * desire
> 6) Welcome! Here's your room key. -- Thank you. --
You're welcome. a beawan jin: máya: a meac míaxu: a jawa ... jawa : a beawan jin * hello, goodbye máya * "Look!", "This/that is" a * continuation of an idea meac * "pass" (allow, permit, give, aid, facillitate) mía.xu * of-common-association. portion-of-space a jawa * thank you, you're welcome, please
> 7) Sir, could I please have a glass of water?
ajawa hana: fo heilexian: ajawa * thank you, you're welcome, please hana * human being fo * irrealis hei- * doing what it "naturally" does le. xian * drinking water. 1st person exclusive
> 8) Your mother was a prostitute. (Or equally
insulting idiom.) fo kíujekehlaxian: fo * irrealis kíu. jekehla. xian * too-intense. murder. 1st person exclusive lit. "Murder me too intensely!" what fun! .yasmin. __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? SBC Yahoo! DSL - Now only $29.95 per month!