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Re: CHAT: Chiba (was: Re: Sounds like...)

From:Oliver Cromm <ocromm@...>
Date:Friday, November 27, 1998, 6:59
Mathias dared to ask:

> Are there any Japanese conlangers ? I > couldn't find any.
I have not been looking for conlangers. I myself am a conlanger only in spirit, so to say, as I have only *thought* of making conlangs a long time ago. What I *did* invent was a lot of scripts.
> I only met once a guy in Shikoku who dubbed > himself 'the angel' and distributed pamphlets > in the street describing the script he had > invented for all languages in the world.
I can imagine that. I received a pamphlet once in my letterbox which actually admitted being from Aum Shinrikyo
> And by the way could you tell us whether there > is now a Japanese software for PC that doesn't > require installing Japanese Windows and IME ?
A Japanese WHAT software? When I was in Germany, I used JWP for text processing and of course a Japanese language plug-in for the web-browser, but all that is of course not really convincing.
> Thanks a lot. > Mathias
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