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Re: Number

From:Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...>
Date:Monday, August 6, 2001, 15:26
On Monday, August 6, 2001, at 05:16 AM, Henrik Theiling wrote:

>> but isn't 'ich' [IC]? Rammstein pronounces it as [IS], which i've >> assumed is >> their dialect's reflex of [IC], and when i learnt german, i learnt to say >> [IC], blah blah blah > > Ach, bach! Yes, yes, no, no, I mixed them up. It is exactly the > other way around. My goodness. And additional to front vowels, > consonants trigger [C] as well. So the corrected version is: > > [a], [a:], [U], [u:], [O], [o:] + [x] > others (including consonants) + [C] >
Thank you. :-) That makes more sense to me now. And [IS] for "ich" *is* acceptable in some dialects? I had begun to wonder since I've heard both [IC] and [IS] from my fiance. I really should get his German grandparents to teach me something resembling proper pronunciation, but whenever I see them I'm too embarrassed even to try. There's something about being around native speakers...<G>
> - -chs- is always [ks] if there is no morpheme boundary > between -ch- and -s-: > der Dachs [daks] > des Fachs [faxs] ( of `Fach') >
<profoundly relieved look> You mean all that time I was sitting there strangling on -chs- in those one-syllable words it was unnecessary? <G> Okay, I'm really beginning to be with the "IPA in every grammar!" people. My ear just isn't good enough to pick up these things off a cassette when I'm half asleep....
> - word-initial /ch/ is not predictable and varies in > dialects between [C] and [k] ([x] is not possible):
<squirm> God, my accent's even worse than I thought it was...I sure *attempted [x]. I think my housemate last year was right when he said my pronunciation of just about *anything* (but Japanese or Korean...) was atrocious and if no one told me I'd just keep on doing it...but dammit, I can run rings around him in grammar, not that it helps when you actually have to talk to someone. <laugh> Thanks for all the clarifications--now I must go work on my pronunciation again, assuming I don't get a sore throat first. <G> YHL


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