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Re: cases

From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Sunday, December 1, 2002, 11:05
Since my language Zhyler, according to the conlang survey results, has the
most cases of any out there (that we have access to), I'd like to post
something about its case system.  I, however, am at home home, and not at
school home, so I don't have my computer with me.  When I get back, I'll post
all 57 cases, and show examples of how some can get used in different ways,
and some neat things I did with my cases.  For the time being, I will say
this: I like noun cases.  ~:D  It's taken me a great deal of time to finally
admit that, but...I do.  To say so publically is...therepeutic.


P.S.: Remember how awhile back I was asking for advice for a talk I was going
to be giving on language creation?  Well, I did give that talk, and we
actually have it on tape.  I could webify it if I knew how, but I don't.  Any
ideas?  Ooh, if you would, reply to <languation@...> if you have any
ideas on how to do that--so I don't delete the e-mail accidentally (I haven't
been able to keep up since I've gone back home for the holiday).