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Re: cases

From:Pavel Iosad <pavel_iosad@...>
Date:Sunday, December 1, 2002, 11:26

[Jim Grossmann:]
> Peter Clark wrote: "If there are langs (con- or nat-) that > only have two, > I'd > be interested in hearing about it." > > What about English nouns, with common and possessive cases?
Or Swedish? Or the French of the 14th century (is there a Middle French?), whioch had a nicely compact system: Sg. Pl. Direct roy roys Oblique roys roy The same holds true for Modern Irish, which has a dative, but it isn't current at all, and is used almost exclusively in fossilized constructions. The Irish 1st declension has the same nice system as set out above: Sg. Pl. Nom. ceart ceirt Gen. ceirt ceart Modern Irish also has a vocative: a Phádraig, but it's not strictly speaking a case. Pavel -- Pavel Iosad Is mall a mharcaicheas am fear a bheachdaicheas --Scottish proverb


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