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CHAT: Brainstorming! Relative clauses

Thursday, October 7, 1999,23:08Padraic Brown
Thursday, October 7, 1999,23:05Padraic Brown
Thursday, October 7, 1999,22:59Padraic Brown
Thursday, October 7, 1999,22:51C. Tsuchiya
Thursday, October 7, 1999,19:01Paul Bennett
Thursday, October 7, 1999,18:42taliesin the storyteller
Thursday, October 7, 1999,16:29Paul Bennett
Thursday, October 7, 1999,15:31Padraic Brown
Thursday, October 7, 1999,13:10Paul Bennett
Wednesday, October 6, 1999,18:08Irina Rempt-Drijfhout
Wednesday, October 6, 1999,13:28Paul Bennett
Wednesday, October 6, 1999,12:09Christophe Grandsire
Wednesday, October 6, 1999,11:23Irina Rempt-Drijfhout
Wednesday, October 6, 1999,9:17Paul Bennett
Wednesday, October 6, 1999,3:19Barry Garcia
Tuesday, October 5, 1999,19:39FFlores
Tuesday, October 5, 1999,21:30Patrick Dunn
Tuesday, October 5, 1999,19:22Boudewijn Rempt
Tuesday, October 5, 1999,19:22Paul Bennett
Tuesday, October 5, 1999,18:10Irina Rempt-Drijfhout
Tuesday, October 5, 1999,19:04Boudewijn Rempt
Tuesday, October 5, 1999,18:37Paul Bennett
Tuesday, October 5, 1999,18:27Paul Bennett
Tuesday, October 5, 1999,17:58taliesin the storyteller
Tuesday, October 5, 1999,17:47Paul Bennett
Tuesday, October 5, 1999,16:23Padraic Brown
Tuesday, October 5, 1999,7:30Christophe Grandsire
Tuesday, October 5, 1999,3:49Josh Roth
Monday, October 4, 1999,22:11taliesin the storyteller