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Re: Polysynthetic nouns (correction)

From:william drewery <will65610@...>
Date:Thursday, June 3, 2004, 10:08
Thank you kindly for your response. This
suffixaufnahme is a new idea for me an I plan to thow
into a conlang of mine. However, I'm thinking this is
a different phenomenon than the one mentioned in the
Aikhenvald abstract. It reads to me like Tamara allows
you to mark a single noun as dative, accusative and
nominative, etc., all at once when it is repeated and
plays different roles in one utterance. I'm guessing
there's some way to indicated which role/case goes
with which clause/verb, but as this abstract is all
I've been able o find i'm not sure.
  Anyway, I'm interested in this Old Arabic of yours.
It seems to me a system of switch-reference and
anaphoric suffixes would work well with such a grammar
(and is it me, or do i seem to be repeating myself
between posts?).

--- Jörg Rhiemeier <joerg_rhiemeier@...> wrote:
> Hallo! > > On Wed, 2 Jun 2004 21:17:20 +0200, I wrote: > > > [examples of suffixaufnahme in Old Albic] > > > > If all that looks complicated, well, it is. > > Indeed, so complicated that I got some forms wrong > in the 2nd > and the 3rd example. > > Here are the correct examples: > > (2) mbar-em-as o-s-em-as mbestiro-s-em-as > house-PL-LOC M-GEN-PL-LOC baker-GEN-PL-LOC > `in the houses of the baker' > > (3) mbar-em-as i-s-em-as mbestir-i-s-em-as > house-PL-LOC PL-GEN-PL-LOC baker-PL-GEN-PL-LOC > `in the houses of the bakers' > > The other examples, it seems to me, are correct. > But anyway, the principle ought to be clear. > > Greetings, > > Jörg.
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