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NATLANG: Greek: Translation R equest: τέ λο ς δεδωκ ώς, Χθύλου, σοί χά ριν φ έρω. --- Θεό δωρος Φι λ ήτας

From:Haggen Kennedy <haggenkennedy@...>
Date:Sunday, October 28, 2007, 5:00
Eric Christopherson wrote:
> "Τέλος δεδωκώς, Χθύλου, σοι χάρειν έχω" > (I'm under the assumption that it isn't an error,
> since these people seem to know Greek, but you never know. AFAIK there is no "δεδωκώς" (as it is spelled on that post), only "δεδοκώς", with an omicron (same way you say "δεδομένος", not "δεδωμένος"), which makes me think the poster was probably typing it out from memory. That's confirmed by the rest of his post, where he states that he's seen a few other phonetic renderings into Greek of those names as they appear in the English version. Supposing there is absolutely no mistake, however, I'd probably translate his version (which differs from the one you had posted before) as "[as a] close dedicated [creature]", or even "[as the] last dedicated [creature], Cthulhu, I have gratitude for thee", or "I hold thee in [high] esteem". Using "τέλος" as an adjective is very rare, and weird. :) That's my 2 cents anyway. Peace, Ken


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