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Re: CHAT: Coming out of the conlang closet

From:nicole dobrowolski <fuzzybluemonkeys@...>
Date:Saturday, June 1, 2002, 13:29
froge sionk And Rosta...
> Maarten: > > I really don't understand this. Ok, conlanging is not something > > many people do, but I have seen stranger hobbies. My mum collects
> > weird tea puts and unclothed teddy bears.
> But strange though this malady is, it is one that afflicts many > of the Weaker Sex,
many females of the species also have this "affliction"... i think it's a human thing...
> so cannot be deemed a variety of madness, madness > being by definition a state of mind that affects only a small > minority of the population.
it's not easy being a nonconformist... but it sure is fun... ...nicole taatae kifa ore nehwehonde nanareth... __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! - Official partner of 2002 FIFA World Cup


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