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Re: Accents

From:Almaran Dungeonmaster <dungeonmaster@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 15, 2002, 9:09
Dan Jones wrote:
> > I've always wanted to know this: in British English when discussing > cannabis the basic unit of quantity is the ounce, then divided into a > quarter, eighth and teenth (i.e. "sixteenth")- how would you say this in > Dutch?
We just use grams to indicate quantity, or even more common, price: "Doe maar een geeltje.!" ("I'll have a 'geetlje""), where 'geeltje' is a slang word for a 25 guilder note. I am not sure how to do that now we have gotten the Euro, as I have not been at the Lachende Paus ("Laughing Pope", a soft-drugs store I semi-frequently visit) off lately myself. My favorite soft-drug shop sells its marihuana in presealed, bar-coded bags with a fixed weight. The weight and price depend on the type of cannabis you buy, off course, since they have over 30 different types. With other drugs, especially when discussing great quantities of stuff like cocaïne, we use kgs. At the moment, we have a bt of a political crisis down here, because it was discovered that people smuggling cocaine into our country and were caught, were stripped of their cocaine, given a receipt and then send back to where they came from, because there is a lack of jail cells. The receipt was given, so that these drug trafiicers could show their bosses that they had not sold the stuff for their own profit and risk being eliminated for that.
> Only asking because it's legal there, not because I immediately > associate Holland with sex and drugs <g>
I don't mind being associated with sex :-)
> I'd be like associating England with football hooligans and curry.
Hmm... I associate England with tea and scones, fish and chips and umbrellas (don't ask me why). Maarten