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State of my Conlangs

From:Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>
Date:Friday, March 3, 2006, 13:12
Nothing very substantive, but I wanted to keep you all abreast.

I have the beginnings of ideas about the world of Lizardman. They're probably
going to exist within a generic fantasy environment, though I have contemplated
making them aliens. Also, I'm tempted to go with Yahya's suggestion for a
native name for the language, which romanizes as Jiggoghiid /J\ig:7Gi:d_m/,
though I'm not sure whether that's a species name or a language name yet.

To answer a question asked earlier about the Jiggoghiid people (see what I did
there?): they can whisper, but they lack the neural wiring to freely mix and
match voiced and voiceless sounds within one word.

I still may add distinctive phonation to the language.

I'm formulating a native Brahmi-derived script for Br'ga, but I might toss the
notion if I can't find something aesthetically pleasing. Right now, it looks
like Insular roman script mixed with Kannada and Khmer (with a dash of
Myanmar), and I'm moderately happy with it. I still may find the notion of a
native writing system antithetical.

I may throw away the entire conhistory of Thagojian prior to the Alphabetic
script. I'm not sure I'm happy with the story any more. For the uninitiated,
their migration was out of the PIE urheimat with the Satem wave, into
Mesopotamia where they adopted the Cuneiform syllabary, and then across to the
Levant where they developed a Demotic script based on Cuneiform. Finally, they
adopted the Greek/Coptic alphabet, plus a couple of borrowings from Hebrew and
one innovation of their own, while retaining a few determinatives ultimately
from Cuneiform.

I suspect the Jiggoghiid script will be more or less runic in appearance.

I found my old notes containing the case matrix for Thagojian. This is going to
help tremendously in formulating at least short translation exercises, though I
also need to solidify the sound change rules for laryngeals, and find a
sufficiently powerful sound change applier (one that makes vowel harmony easy)
that I can learn fairly easily.

I think I may embark on a Bible translation for Thagojian, but first I need to
purchase an interlinear Hebrew Old Testament (I already have an interlinear
Greek NT). Most ideal would be an interlinear Bible with all books in the
languages of their earliest attested versions. I'm not sure such a beast
exists. Any suggestions?

I'm still throwing the occasional fit over romanizing Thagojian. It's a big,
sticky mess, quite frankly.

I may produce a Thagojian Modern script, with a proper upper and lower case. I
will probably borrow glyphs from Cyrillic in at least some cases. The letter
for /S/ |shima| seems a worthy candidate, since the Coptic /S/ |shai| (and
Hebrew /S/ |shin| for that matter) is tolerably close to the Cyrillic /S/



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