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From:T. A. McLeay <conlang@...>
Date:Friday, December 14, 2007, 5:12

>> Really? The vowel referred to by the PALM lexical set is also the vowel >> in fAther. > > Is that also the vowel of LOT? it would be for me.
You ask me essentially the same question I asked. PALM (which includes fAther) is a different lexical set from LOT, so for some people (including me) PALM/fAther is different from LOT. My question is whether there exist Americans who, like me, have a different vowel for PALM and LOT (regardless of what vowel they have in "palm", which is of a different category of things from PALM, in much the same way most oranges are oranges, but some are green).
>Actually Palm, calm, balm > etc. (I feel) are not quite the vowel of Father-- Palm etc. is a little more > back and a little lower, but I suspect that's due to the following l+C > cluster.
If the difference is not phonetic, it's probably not relevant. I have a different vowel in "hill" and "hid", but they're both members of the KIT lexical set. Roger quoted Garry Shannon writing:
>>> > > Amuriken ears. PALM/THOUGHT on the other hand share the same vowel >> >sound. > > Eh???
And quoted me (interspersing his comments):
>> for instance, tho >> I don't know if this is done with the vowel in the PALM (probably, see >> above) , THOUGHT or TRAP >> (Definitely not.)
Eep! Not surprisingly for a YAEPT I get two contradictory answers to the same question. Fortunately, I can read the implied "IMLs" and "IMEs" :) -- Tristan.


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