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Re: Corrections was Re: Retranslation shortly

From:The Keenans <makeenan@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 19, 2002, 0:05
Padraic Brown wrote:

> > This is a curious aspect of conlanging I've thought about off and > on. I've noticed that when writing something in Talarian, I have > to constantly check and recheck for grammar and often have to > look up words. When I don't have a word already, and can't build > on a preexisting word, I have to schlep through the IE root list, > the Hittite dictionary, etc. before comming up with a good word. > On the other hand, Kerno flows (sometimes like treacle, other > times like water) fairly smoothly. I only had to look in the > Grammar two or three times during this translation, didn't have > to look up more than one word in the lexicon (and when no word is > already there, I usually have no trouble knowing what the right > word is), made no glaring mistakes and still only took about 5 > minutes to do it. Anyone else out there (who has more than one > active language) that finds one of them simple and the other more > difficult? >
Yes. Eventhough I am the creator of Ok, my old standby conlang, I am far from fluent. I only have a few Ok words memorized. I do have a good vocabulary and almost never have to create words on the fly. and I have the grammar down pat. I have to look up everything when I do a translation. My newest one, that I used in the Interbeing thread, just flows. I know what the words should be. This may be because this new lang is a romance knock-off. I hardly looked up anything when I did the Interbeing translation relay. -Duke
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