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Góquim Sentences

From:John Leland <leland@...>
Date:Monday, August 4, 2003, 18:11
I liked these sentences, because I could turn them into Rihana-ye with
only one invented word (garden) and one invented construction (for

1. Three birds are flying.
Dy tafa-fe ralevejo-mi.
Three birds flying.

2. Goquim is a simple language.
Gokimu gu levado-si-ji fivaroha.
Goquim quickly learned-is-can language.

3. *Ligana-me fugefe fugeli tiga-fe.
Garden (prettyplantland)-in many verypretty trees.

4. I am learning Goquim.
Seba Gokimu levado-mi.
I Goquim learning.

5. My name is Nikil Sinha.
Seba-ye sevaroha Nikilu Sinaha.
My name Nikil Sinha.

6. Where is the book?
Helehana-me wewavaroha-hi?
Whatplace-in book-query?
Note: This is an example of my recent tendency to use verb suffixes
such as "hi" independently of verbs.

7. You are coming with me.
Feba seba-fe vejo-mi.
You me-with coming.

8. Are you coming with me?
Feba seba-fe vejo-mi-hi?
You me-with coming-query?

9. What is the name of that city?
Heleha vese fibasa-ye sevaroha-hi?
What that city-of name-query?
Another word order might be:
Vese fibasa-ye sevasroha heleha-hi?
That city-of name what-query?

John Leland


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