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Re: USAGE: XH etc. (was: RE: RV: Old English)

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Saturday, April 1, 2000, 17:14
Eric Christopherson wrote:
> > At 03:40 AM 3/31/2000 +0100, And wrote: > >"Xhosa" = /k@Us@/ and /h@Us@/ on BBC; I myself am unsure how to pronounce > >it in either English or Xhosa - I've a vague idea it starts with some kind > >of lateral click,
This is how I understood it. A lateral click. Back in my salad days, when I was at Berkeley and studying the oral formula, a scholar came and gave a long paper on the oral formulaic poetry of the Xhosa tribe. The pronunciation of "Xhosa" occasioned a great deal of interest, and everyone went around practicing it. (though other
> >Nagys get called /'nA:gi/).
I knew a Nagy. He explained that his name in proper Hungarian was more like Nudge or even Naidge, but /naZ/ would do. He did get Naggy or Neggy as a common pronunciation. Sometimes Nadgy. The "y" is an indication, he explained, that the preceding consonant is fronted or palatalized. Example Mikhaily (his brother)... pronounced /mI'kail/. If I recall correctly. -- ============================================================ SALLY CAVES (bragpage) (T. homepage) (all else) ===================================================================== Niffodyr tweluenrem lis teuim an. "The gods have retractible claws." from _The Gospel of Bastet_ ============================================================