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Re: Comparison of philosophical languages

From:Muke Tever <mktvr@...>
Date:Thursday, January 23, 2003, 23:50
From: "Andrew Nowicki" <andrew@...>
> MT> > > This looks like Basic English vocabulary. It has > "bamboo" and "tomato," but lacks abstract terms: > anatomical part of a multicellular plant, > anatomical part of a multicellular animal, > recorder, detector.
The necessity of any of these words (dublex *or* ygyde) is debatable.
> AN> miracle, magic = ynacu = "noun religious technology" > MT> That's awfully... vague. Especially for "miracle". > MT> "Miracle" should be more like "ysonaci" = "noun > MT> good religious manipulation". and "Magic" would > MT> probably be better as "ynanine" = "noun religious > MT> secret science". > > Wow! you can make compound Ygyde words!
The webpage is remarkable complete for a conlang in this respect.
> AN> god = ynapo = "noun religious parent" > MT> Hmm, that sounds more like "godfather"/"godmother"... > > You are right! That is a tough one. Definition has to > be broad enough to include all deities. What about: > god = ynacuco = "noun religious technology expert"
Erff.... Maybe "ynacutu" = "noun religious technology manager". Although I dont think Ygyde appears offhand to be able to express this *well* in one word (as opposed to idiosyncratically). Even the English word has too broad a reach and contradictory definitions when applied in different religions' contexts. What I am trying to say is llynatu igo iwi ogelujj. Ila eba inylu icilu llogelujj ima iwa edo ufalu iwa odysy|| ili e ila edo inylu icilu igu igi ubi wo|lld y|| icy llicilujj ima iwa edo ufalu iwa odysy|| ili e ila edo inylu icilu igu igi ubi can y.
> I do not like it. I will include it in the dictionary > if you insist, but I think that old one is better: > angel = ypinaja = "noun attractive religious craftsman"
But neither 'attractive' nor 'craftsman' are known to reliably apply to angels, as far as I understand. *Muke! --