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Re: Comparison of philosophical languages

From:Andrew Nowicki <andrew@...>
Date:Thursday, January 23, 2003, 23:39
Eamon Graham wrote:
EG> Why is "Koran" minadi = "proper noun political
EG> religious publication."  While some of the Koran
EG> does, in fact, deal with the political situations
EG> of the Prophet's time and gives certain rules
EG> for the political and civil order, I could argue
EG> that it is less political in nature than the Bible
EG> "proper noun wet religious publication."

There are only 180 root words in Ygyde, so some
compound words do not describe the ideas well.
Some posters suggested adding more root words.
I do not like that because I believe that additional
root words would not be used often enough to justify
the burden of memorizing more root words. Ygyde means
"simple language." If we multiply root words, we
will have to change the name of this language.

EG> Perhaps "Koran" should be something like
EG> "proper noun |Koran| religious publication"
EG> with "Koran" being borrowed into the language's
EG> "native" phonology as closely as possible.
EG> I think most people will get the idea.

You can say "ubi Koran." "Ubi" means foreign word.

EG> If the "wet" in Bible refers to baptism,...

It does. Some posters do not like it. Christianity
could be named "religious liquid organization"
or "caring religious  organization." Then the Bible
could be named "religious liquid publication"
or "caring religious publication."

EG> which I may be wrong about, then perhaps it should
EG> be "Christian Bible" and not simply "Bible." Keep
EG> in mind that Mandaeans also baptise and they do it
EG> every day - making them much more wet than
EG> Christians. :)  "proper noun medical religious
EG> organization" for the Jehovah's Witnesses reminds
EG> me more of the Christian Science movement than the
EG> Jehovah's Witnesses.

At present compound Ygyde words are limited to 3 root
words. "religious organization" means religion. Perhaps
we could call small religions and sects "religious group."

sect, small religion = ynaso = "noun religious group"
Mandaean religion = bonaso = "proper noun wet religious group"

EG> As an Irish Lutheran (Church of Sweden) I'm
EG> naturally curious about what "Lutheran" would
EG> be in Ygyde.

I am not smart enough to make a name that will satisfy
you, so I suggest that you invent a better name:
Protestant religion = nadite = "proper noun religious publication organization"
Lutheran religion = nabyte = "proper noun religious food organization"
faith = yfonadu = "noun alive religious knowledge"

Sorry, but I know next to nothing about Lutherans!

EG> I'm not intelligent enough to have anything
EG> groundbreaking to add or suggest...

Maybe you can coin a few religious words --
I certainly know less about modern religions
than you do.


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